For over 20 years, Professional Design Group has remained dedicated to designing and constructing unique and dynamic outdoor living spaces. Our professional eye for detail and expert craftsmanship are just a few reasons more and more Virginians choose us every day!

Beauty, Privacy and Protection with Custom Fencing

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Here at Professional Design Group we maintain an excellent reputation by stressing the importance of utilizing top quality materials and practicing unblemished craftsmanship. Those are our most sought after attributes to insure that our clients are getting a beautiful product that’s built to last.

Below are three of our most widely used fencing options and they begin with the most economical and progress to a more costly and longer lasting product with less maintenance. We set each post in 80 pounds of pre-mixed concrete and purchase the best quality materials available.

Quality Fencing Begins From The Ground Up!

Pressure treated southern yellow pine wood fencing is the most economical way to go in custom fence construction. We hand select #1 grade wood to insure minimal knots and no imperfections. This enables your fence to have the longest possible life span while utilizing pressure treated wood. We use double hot dipped galvanized ring shank nails and countersink them to insure they will not back out as the wood dries out and contracts.

We typically sand all visible components of every wood fence we build to eliminate splinters, lumber stamps, and smudges. If requested, we then apply a top grade oil-based stain with a UV inhibiter to protect your fence from the elements to prolong it’s life and beauty for many, many years to come.

Choosing What Fencing Material Is Essential

Our second option which provides a higher-end product is primed and painted cedar. The life expectancy of this option far exceeds the pressure treated pine, but it should be maintained once every five years on average to retain it‘s beauty. Currently, we prime and spray paint our cedar fences with “Emerald”, which is a Sherwin Williams product with a lifetime warranty. We are extremely pleased with the performance of this product.

Reliable ~ Affordable ~ Durable

The two most expensive options we utilize in fence construction are 100% PVC and painted aluminum. The cost for these two run neck and neck with one another. The PVC fencing is perfect for retaining pets and beautifying your backyard, where the aluminum fencing is the material of choice around swimming pools where stringent building codes come into play. As for maintenance, there practically is none.

PVC and aluminum fences require no more maintenance than a good washing off with water after spraying Outdoor Clorox on them and letting it sit for fifteen minutes. We suggest doing this easy cleaning method once a every year or two at best. This cleans away any pollen or mildew that may form in areas where there‘s minimal sunlight. We have reputable suppliers who manufacture a good brand to provide our clients access to the best products available.

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